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Hi I'm Eran and I wish I was punk rock.

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Anonymous: When can we ever meet?

At the mall idk do you live close to me

Anonymous: My crush irl romantically and sexually frustrates me. What do I do.

Crush him

Anonymous: I thought underwear said underwater in that one lovely ask oops 😂

The dyslexia is real

Anonymous: I want to make us a blanket fort so we can cuddle and make out in our underwear where no one not even the world can bother us. And we could watch Netflix or listen to music. hell do both, why not. and we can make/order food. Then later I could put my hand down your pants or whatever.

This sounds amazing

Anonymous: do you like ptv? sws? adtr?

I like all three

Anonymous: Are you still a Virgin?

Yes lol

Anonymous: Heyy! Happy birthday you! Love your blog, take care <3

Thanks c:

Anonymous: Happy Birthday! I remember talking to you back in late 2012, early 2013 😂

Thank youuuu and well you should talk to me :)

Anonymous: you're fucking beautiful. god damn


Anonymous: OMG I KNOW ITS SUPER LATE 😱BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your amazing and so is your blog💁. Sorry for it being this late I didn't even know I'm a horrible person😓. Anyway love you hope you had a great day!!😊💙

It’s not super late my bday is today


Yes it is a very happy bird day. Rejoice birds, praise.

Anonymous: holy shit it's you birthday! happy birthday babe! xx

Thank youuuu

Anonymous: I wanna give you something for your bday but idk what. Nudes?

That or band merch. Or both

Anonymous: here's a few hints. you just reblogged something from me (do you follow me on here?? I had no idea if you did. hello) and you follow me on instagram

Is your name Taylor