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Hi I'm Eran and I wish I was punk rock.

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Anonymous: Wtf? If that guy honestly thinks all vaginas smell like fish he never got any. Coming from a girl with a vagina. It has a unique smell but DEF not fishy.

Did you smell your own vagina to prove a point or

Anonymous: Ever went down on a girl and her vagina tasted too badly and you were like.. 'Nope.. Not gonna get sucked tonight hun'. And took your mouth out of there as fast as u could?

I’ve never went down on a girl

Anonymous: Most vaginas smell like fish, clean or not. You learn to like it. Except when it's bad. Lesbians love it. I'd know c;

Good thing I like seafood then

Anonymous: I want to hear your morning voice. I want to hear you moan. I want to hear you whisper dirty things in my ear. I want to hear you and only you

Eran is love, Eran is life.

Anonymous: Tip for future naughty time. If the girls vagina smells like fish, grab some chips.

No of it smells like fish get some soap

Anonymous: one morning me and my boyfriend at the time were getting frisky after we woke up and forgot our friend was in the room, until the friend woke up and we just kinda froze where we were (laying facing eachother w my leg over top of him) and he was inside of me whilst he had a conversation with his friend and i kinda just stared out the window 💁


Anonymous: At a campout I had a major crush on this girl and I really wanted to pull her... So I got wasted... Then all of a sudden I was kissing her..... Then arguments went down... And I was lying in a tent with her bestfriend and her bestfriends ex... So they were getting it on... Then She told him to go get out the tent to look for some shit and then i fucked my crushes bestfriend.... She has not spoken to me since.... Fuck that shit

Damn you a crazy ass nigga at camp drama

Anonymous: I had a job interview at a gym so I was wearing Lululemon yoga pants. I went to my boyfriends house right before and he got me so wet and turned on that I was in the interview and feeling all the wetness though the pants.

Did you get the job

Anonymous: I feel like I'm really boring because I'm 22 and the sluttiest thing I've ever done was... Last year at a pretty small get together I made out with a dude on a dare.

And I thought my situation was bad

Anonymous: Do you have a snapchat and would it be cool if I added you?

Yes it’s eran-s feel free to add me :)

Anonymous: To the anon Who fapped to Thriller and is horny due to Patrick, I respect you beyond belief.

What if Patrick stump has a stump instead of a penis

Anonymous: A few summers ago I was on and off with my then boyfriend but we still fucked a lot. At the same time I had this great summer romantic with this guy i had dated before the other boyfriend. To this day either of them know.

I hope you meant neither of them know

Anonymous: Do you have an Instagram? I want to see your face.


Anonymous: I have just finished masturbating to "Thriller" by Fall Out Boy! It was a success! My squirtation device went too Willy nilly and made it to the floor but I have no intentions of cleaning it up rn. Patrick Stump makes me horny! Xoxo <3


Anonymous: I ate a popsicle once

Starts off Popsicles ends up being bananas smh