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Instagram: @maesterann
Hi I'm Eran and I wish I was punk rock.

Kik: 3rans

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Anonymous: Why are slutty Sundays not a thing anymore?? Ive got nothing to live for on Sundays anymore /.\

I usually am out sunday nights :c I’m tryna do them thooo

Anonymous: BOOBS.

are my fAVE

Anonymous: i'm working on it lol

work faster, become a time lord, jeez

Anonymous: Hey, have you heard of the indie rock dance pop band eastwesthwy?

Hey have you heard of the punk rock hip hop post hardcore metal band goaway?

Anonymous: can i purty please have your instagram username if you have one? I want to see more of your face :3

Suuure its @maesterann c:

Anonymous: I'm 16 thoughhhhh

Oh well turn 18 then

Anonymous: *melts* oh my gosh. Why have I not thought to look at your face page?! Your hot... man-gorgeous. omfg unf

Idk face page is the first thing I look at when I look at someone elses blog.

but thank ya :*